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What is the Peach Fundraiser?

The Palisade Peach Fundraiser is a program designed to help organizations raise funds fast. There are no contracts, or risk, only funds raised!

How the Fundraiser Works

The Palisade Peach Fundraiser is a fantastic opportunity for any organization looking to raise funds. By simply selling peaches, your organization can accumulate money fast.


This program runs through Palisade Peach Shack, a local Palisade orchard. Unlike any other fundraiser you have participated in, we are a local family company that will work with you directly to create and guide you through the fundraising experience. Our job is to help you and your organization maximize its experience so your participants can raise the most funds possible.

To start, we will ask your organization to create a fundraising goal. From there, we will send you a customized packet so you can keep track and organize your Fundraiser. 

Your participants will raise money by preselling boxes of peaches at our retail price of approximately $45 a box. As you presell boxes, remember to keep track of sales and collect payments as you go. When the preselling period comes to an end, Palisade Peach Shack will collect your sales sheet and start packing the boxes your organization sold.


On the day of delivery, your organization will receive an invoice for the wholesale order fee. This fee is for the wholesale cost of each box ordered typically approximately $25. The money you will raise comes from the wholesale and retail price difference, an average of $20 per box sold. 


We guarantee that your organization will reach its fundraising goals with hard work and determination! 

When Does The Fundraiser Take Place

The Palisade Peach Fundraiser starts in May and ends in early September. 

Pre-sales begin in May and go through the end of July. To maximize sales, make sure to take advantage of the whole presale period. 


In August, the peaches will be ready for harvest, and the Palisade Peach Shack will start preparing your order for delivery. We will contact you two weeks before harvest to solidify the delivery date and location of your choice. 

Peaches will be delivered, and an invoice will be sent to the organization's leader. The invoice will need to be paid in full within 30 days of the delivery date.   

How will the Peaches Be Delivered? 

Local Delivery 

There are a couple of ways to deliver for local organizations. It is up to you which method works best.

The first option is Location Drop Off. We will deliver the entire order to one location. Your organization will then be responsible for distributing the orders to patrons. 


The second option is Patron Pick Up. This option will require you to collect emails from all parties who place an order for peaches. Palisade Peach Shack will email all patrons with a coupon to pick up their order at any participating Peach Shack Location.  

{Note: If patrons are out of state, they can have their order shipped to them for an extra shipping fee.}  

Distance Delivery 

If your organization is not located on the western slope, we will deliver the entire order to one location anywhere in the US. Your organization will then be responsible for distributing the orders to patrons.

{Note: Your org must have a minimum order of 300 boxes to qualify for this delivery method.} 


Begin Fundraising

Are you ready to take the first step in your organization's fundraising journey!

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